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Brooks Team Members Participate in the SolarRun

On a sunny Saturday in Holland, team members from Brooks Instrument hit the ground running for the SolarRun, a 5k/10k fun run that benefitted the Solar Without Borders organization. Brooks Instrument was eager to participate in the event as it helps to increase funding and awareness for Solar Without Borders, a charity that works with a variety of industries to provide photovoltaic panels to hospitals, schools, and orphanages in countries with limited electric infrastructure. Solar Without Borders originally started in West Africa and now operates in numerous countries around the globe including Guatemala, Kenya, and Mongolia. Poor conditions often exist in hospitals with no or little electricity. Solar panels on these buildings will help to keep medications refrigerated and thus fresh for longer periods of time. Electric lighting also reduces dependence on oil lamps commonly used in maternity wards. The lanterns are known to emit harmful chemicals into the air. Solar panels can impact literacy rates in impoverished countries. In Burkina Faso, where the literacy rate is only 28.7%, Solar Without Borders hopes to increase literacy by providing electric lighting for children to complete their homework. The SolarRun is organized by Tempress Systems, a Dutch customer of Brooks Instrument active in the solar industry. Tempress believes strongly that a healthy world is important and they encourage their employees to keep physically fit and to stay energetic. Brooks Instrument shares these values and was excited to both sponsor and participate in the event. For more information, you can also:
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