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Protect your performance. Trust Brooks Instrument Factory Certified Service
Brooks 100% Factory Certified

Brooks Instrument products are recognized as the most stable and reliable in the world. To keep your products operating at the highest level of accuracy and extend their life, your best choice is to trust Brooks Instrument Factory Certified Service repair and recalibration offerings.

Only Brooks Instrument Factory Certified Service ensures that your Brooks Instrument flow, pressure, vapor and vacuum products are serviced utilizing the same metrology standards, work instructions, equipment and custom software as our manufacturing processes – by expert technicians trained exclusively on servicing Brooks products.

Certifications & Approvals: Brooks Instrument is ISO9001 certified. We offer ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification for service work performed specifically on our SLA Series mass flow controllers and pressure controllers. In addition, NIST statements and ICC traceability are also available.

Please contact the service team closest to you for more details.

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RMA Tracker - The Americas

Quick access to our RMA portal.

Instrument calibration & service

Get details about our comprehensive service offering and learn how it differs from third-party repair and service providers.

Global service network

We have a global network of instrument calibration and repair centers – find the one for you.

Contact Technical Support

Have a more complex device or application question?  Our technical product support specialists are ready to help.

On-site services

Let our technicians come to your facility and service your Brooks Instrument devices at a time that’s convenient for you.

Virtual Training

Brooks Instrument University delivers virtual training experiences with the flexibility to choose your learning environment.

Service Upgrade

Improve the performance of your instrument with a cost-effective upgrade by our factory-certified service experts.

Legacy products

Access manuals for our legacy products. We also offer factory-certified calibration and service on legacy MFC brands such as Celerity, UNIT Instruments, Millipore, Mykrolis, Tylan and Tylan General and Key Instruments flow meters.

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