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What I learned at SEMICON West 2013

It never, ever fails – each time I get out of the office and into the marketplace, I come away with insights and ideas. At SEMICON West 2013, there was so much to absorb about the industry, suppliers, competitors and customers. But when I hone in on my key insights and what they mean to Brooks Instrument and the people we have the honor of serving, this was numero uno: What may be old news to us could be "new" news to the marketplace, for a very long time… Here's what I mean - back in 2009, Celerity, Inc. joined the Brooks Instrument family. Celerity brought its rich history of growth and innovation in the semiconductor market to Brooks, including well-known mass flow controller brands like: • Celerity • Unit • Millipore • Mykrolis • Tylan General Although we communicated this to the marketplace in a variety of ways, not a single visitor to our booth was aware. That means all of you out there who currently own one of these devices are missing out on getting the best factory certified service for your device as well as the opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology, like our GF100 Series thermal mass flow controllers. This technology platform has been designed to precisely measure, monitor, and control ultra high purity process gas chemistry in semiconductor device manufacturing processes. We are here for you! If you'd like to know more, email or call us at 1-888-554-3569.

About The Author

Christine Batycki
Global Marketing Communications

Christine manages global marketing communications at Brooks Instrument.

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